The Soul of an Octopus

I first heard of this book sometime around the discussion of Google Lambda and its sentience. What is sentience? Who has it?

Well, probably many things, probably not a large language model yet, but definitely the big brain sea creatures, right? You probably already know that, but have you read up on the proof?

For much of the book the author hangs out with the creatures while they essentially behave like hyperintelligent dogs--playing, acting coy, sharing affection, and squirting cold ocean water in peoples' faces when they get bored.

After being convinced that there is "something that it is like to be an octopus," you may wonder just how wildly different their conscious experience is from ours.

Octopuses see with their skin.

The further I get into this book, the angrier I am at the concept of colonizing Mars.

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