Zen Training

September 15, 2021#buddhism📚

Check out the book

Katsuki Sekida's Zen Training, classic of my youth, is free to the world thanks to Terebess Abbey.

I highly recommend the first few chapters of the book, which describe zazen with a scientific/pragmatic style that few resources do. He even lays out the change in the amount of reserve air you access with each breath of zazen-style breathing, believing that you're more able to quiet your mind at the end of a long exhale when you wait just a little bit before inhaling. (I have found this to be ~true.)

I love this. It reminds me of Don Ihde's Experimental Phenomenology Check out this cool diagram, too.

Here we see the nerve relationship between the diaphragm and the brain. He makes a convincing case that our stomach muscles communicate naturally to our brains and tell us how attentive we need to be.

Later in the book he's got some interesting ideas about philosophy. His treatment of humor is especially good. But at this stage in my life, theory-heavy prose is just hard to get through.

Theory-heavy prose? In this economy? But read the first few chapters if you want a great motivation to start a sitting habit.