• My latest Mushroom Grow Log 2 grow is off to a promising start, with the oyster mycelium almost completely colonizing the homemade spawn jars by the end of the month. From here I learn the variables of different strains, and slowly save up to getting a flow hood.
  • I subscribed to the Economist, to at least consume healthy, nuanced doom. I have not been disappointed. It's absolutely a best practice to consume domestic news from pubs outside your country.
  • Started the great course "Deep Learning For Coders" at fastai, and also continuing Western Civilization II on Wondrium. Both great courses; I'm wishing I could deep dive into DLFC and woodshed for the next few months with it.
  • Got invited to test out Hyperlink Academy, a community for online colearning, in their private alpha. Will report back if this leads to me "finding my tribe."
  • Reunited with my groupchat on Twitter and it feels so good. Protip: Don't give up a network of anon friends on the internet. One day in our lifetimes they may be the only friends we have! And a poster without a groupchat is like a samurai without a lord.
  • I discovered an amazing YouTube channel, Hollis and Nancy's Homestead. A real source of joy. Hollis, a former ship engineer, walks us through very, very detailed and informed guides to growing a variety of vegetables and other self-sufficiency crafts. This guide to growing potatoes in container buckets is a work of art. Ask the bakery at your grocer for their spare buckets and get ahead of next year's harvest!
  • Changed code editors again, this time to an unbreakable Neovim config thanks to chris@machine. It's so fast, so smooth, and I'm in love. Neovim is my best friend now.
  • I taught my first month's worth of sessions at my new job, facilitating multiplayer simulation games with young kids at a startup. It has been a long time since I've been in front of children, but I'm getting used to it again. It's true that they keep you young.
  • My partner adopted a stray kitten from the neighborhood. He now lives in my office.

This is Oliver.

My girl has a long and fruitful history of inviting scraggly stray animals into her home, to eat for free and get on their feet. I, of course, am the star pupil of the bunch, but the dog is also very sweet, and Oliver should be in good company.

News Log

This report comes from jotting down the headlines each morning, then slowly aggregating them into weekly, then monthly reports. I've found it helpful to trace the broad strokes of the news narratives over time.

  • The Russians continued their creep through the Donbass, pounding the region with old fashioned artillery. Ukraine's use of the HiMARS rockets is blowing up their ammo dumps and slowing them down. An agreement was reached to ship grain, and though Russia bombed Odessa immediately after completing the deal, the first shipments of grain have began to flow. Ukraine readies itself for a counterattack in the south.
  • Roe v. Wade was overturned in the U.S., restricting access to abortion. After initially looking nixed, the Democrats' climate bill passed the house and appears to boost the renewable energy industry. An idiotic Soundcloud rapper shot up a July 4th parade. U.S.-Chinese relations are at a low point, with Nancy Pelosi threatening to go to Taiwan.
  • Climate change is beating on the door, breaking heat records in Europe and contributing to several frightful weather disasters.
  • Monkeypox is spreading throughout the world, the Sri Lankan government collapsed, and Boris Johnson was deposed at England's Prime Minister.

Song of the Month

"Let It Happen" by Tame Impala - It's a pretty popular song, but have you ever read the lyrics? This song was playing at the triumphant moment that my tests passed in Nand 2 Tetris, imprinting some powerful sigil on my brain.