At the start of the month, my girlfriend and I went on a long hike at a nearby state park. There we found the mildly parasitic sulfur shelf mushroom known more popularly as the...

Chicken of the Woods.

We spent the next couple weeks eating strips of it at a time. You'd have to taste it to believe it--better than its namesake, more complex. It's honestly hard to fathom how delicious it is.

Don't forget to cook it for a long time before you eat it though (12 minutes on medium at least), or you'll get a sick stomach.

We also spent a few weeks sitting zazen with the Pine Wind Zen Community. I'm not sure how they arrived in my inbox with their offerings, but I'm glad we signed up. If you like to meditate but have never attended a formal Buddhist offering, I'd recommend trying it out. The chants and rituals of Zen are so soothing and warm.

I'm growing out some grain spawn from cultures in my latest mycology experiments. Chestnuts and comb's tooth, this time. They come from the Humble Fungus, a supply co that has some great instructional videos.

I also found some reusable autoclavable plastic containers with which I can sterilize spawn, so that's great. (Restaurant supply is the way.) No more single use plastics for my operation.

As regards the studies, I made my way through simple machines and am almost done with auto engineering in Everyday Engineering. I passed one half of the unit's homework in Nand 2 Tetris and am now mainly fiddling with the Java JDK to get the simulator app to work, oof.

Song of the Month

I've become obsessed with Japanese ambient music. This one in particular.