Thom's Dollops

January 1, 2022#writing📜

Thom's Dollops was an experiment in newsletter writing that I did from October to December of last year. I mainly started it because I could embed the sign-up link on my now-defunct Twitter account, but looking back on it, I'm pretty happy with the writing itself.

  • Multiverse Libraries - This one was about the Minecraft library of banned books. This was fall 2021, and us sweet summer children were still talking about such childish notions as "multiverses"--the Revenge of the Real had not yet gotten fully underway.
  • Under an Error Screen - Wherein I compare Neuromancer's opening line with the predictions of climate geoengineering (a "sky the color of TV static" === a sky that has been sprayed with diamond aerosol to block out the sun).
  • Better Living Through Roblotics - Got a little ambitious and made an opus spanning the future of education, climate change, and Roblox hacking for the common good.
  • We are the Duchampion - A rallying call for right-brainers who have drifted STEMward since COVID locked them inside (i.e. like modern artist turned chessmaster Marcel Duchamp.)
  • The Kluge of Indra - A more experimental article in which I noodle on the concept of "kluge," that is, crappy solutions you're stuck with and must build on top of, like Katamari Damacy.
  • Altermodernity, Our Beige Future - In this one I walk through a really cool aesthetic philosophy I came across in my researches, "altermodernism" by Nicolas Bourriaud.
  • First as Anarchy, Then as Internet - Amateur sociology that I'm pretty stoked on; examining Occupy Wall St, the Gamestop BS, and what it means for positive social movements in the future.
  • Donnie Darko and the Essence of Mindfulness - Seeing your stupid thoughts evolve capriciously over time is among the key insights of meditation; how do we visualize the stupidity so it's simple to see?
  • The DAO and the Starling Cloud - I played with some GPT-3 stuff, which was fun, but the rest of the reporting here involves some unfortunate excitement regarding cryptostuff; hey, we all took a sip of the Kool-aid for a second there.
  • One World Government is Obviously Good, Actually - I said it and meant it. Balaji's network state comes in for back-up. It's a shame we don't value this like we should; I predict, once the historical cycle of "deglobalization" ends (soon, we hope), the backlash will lead to a real try at a global governance body.
  • Mushroompilled and Fungalbrained - Baby's first mushroom post. Nice to read of my excitement here and know I'd make it to Mushroom Grow Log 1.
  • New Year, Less Newsletter - Wherein I got out while the gettin' was good. Declared my intention to eventually make the site you see today, so that all worked out. Also some very interesting thoughts about humans being influenced by demonetization algorithms on YouTube.
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