Seph News Redesign

March 26, 2022Last updated May 20, 2022

#writing, #cs🛠️

How I Built It

I'm thinking about turning the code I used to make this into a little public starter repo, too. But that's well down the road.

Probably the most interesting aspect of the overall stack is that Obsidian is used to write all the content. A shell script runs every morning that sends all the Obsidian files over to the codebase. I even get to naively insert pictures from the clipboard and they're converted into optimized Next <Image/> guys with a modal.

It's Tradition

Don't send me the best version, because it'll never be done. Don't send me the second best version, because it'll never get done on time. Send me the third best version.

  • Ancient Klingon Proverb

Seph News v3 joined the world on May 1, 2022. How's it look? I always enjoy the feeling of a warm charcoal black in the background. 'Like the background radiation of some far-off star," a friend said.

Every year I make a new version: 2020 was the first one, when I just learned to code. I did it in Gatsby and Obsidian. This blog post details it.

c 2020 beginner's mind

Then last year I used Next.js and Sanity, a headless CMS with a really advanced query language that made it trivial to show backlinks in different documents.

Now, in a perfect synthesis of the two, I'm back to all-local markdown in the current top dog JavaScript framework and I love it. I'm writing this from my behemoth "second brain" in this elaborate, plugin-filled networked note app. I am still a novice nerd two years in, but this still feels like nerd valhalla to me.

Here's what Seph News v2 looked like:

I stopped writing posts in it on March 16, 2021. Let's hope I'm better about the writing habit this time around.


So far, there are five categories to the posts here, each with its own emoji icon on the main screen.

  • books
  • courses (things I'm studying long term and logging here)
  • diary (monthly updates)
  • posts, just regular writing
  • projects (things I built or designed)

After getting the site launched, my next project has been to slowly incorporate all of my old writing and notes in here, to make it more likely to last. At the current time of writing I've added all the books I've read over the past few years. I'm now moving onto old articles I've written, and we'll see where it goes from there.