Seph News Redesign

Every year, I redesign my otherwise dormant personal site. Year three, baby. Back and more overengineered than ever.

May 20, 2022🛠️

Thom's Dollops

My old newsletter on Revue, connected to my terminated Twitter account.

January 1, 2022📜

Of Starlinked Huts and Network Fevers

On the road again, website redesign number two, tiny homes, cloud democracies, and Twitter guilds.

March 16, 2021📜

Dreams of Hyperpoetry

My first hackathon; a glass bead game of Wittgenstein, TV, and Adaptation; making some friends.

December 15, 2020🛠️

Joke Life and the Terrifying South

A drive through red states at election time; notes on the joke theory of history; revisiting Citizen Kane.

October 26, 2020📜

Hello, Hellworld

The first post on the first version of this website. My inaugural voyage unto the internet.

October 24, 2020📜

Dr Drunkenstein's Reign of Terror

An article I wrote on the world chess champion's speed chess career.

February 19, 2020📜